Dating after infidelity

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Knowing that others go through the same problems that we did helps relieve stress.Each of us reacts differently to trauma and loss, everyone grieves differently.You may be shocked, and you will be horrified by what people are able to do to others.These kinds of destructive behaviors will only facilitate your ability to rise above them.Maybe I'll meet someone so fantastic, it'll weigh out and be worth it to me. There is no pain quite as devastatingly horrendous as that of heartbreak. You will insist on being treated the way you deserve to be treated.That pain is only exponentially magnified if that heartbreak was the result of being cheated on. To have someone you have given your heart to be unfaithful is like having your beating heart ripped from your chest with a pair of loose pliers. After all of the trials, the love you will find later down the road will only be that much deeper, resilient and stable.

There will never be something as important as trust.Once it is broken, every single relationship will fall apart. If you can't trust someone, you are doomed to fail.Once you've been cheated on, your trust becomes very hard to earn.Being cheated on will make you jaded to the term “forever.”You will realize not every relationship is going to be THE relationship. Love is a beautiful thing, but it is not impenetrable. It is a slippery slope that can leave you tear-stained and empty.You have to go into every new relationship understanding this may not work out. Your partner's lack of monogamy has nothing to do with you and has everything to do with him or her.

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